Ikebana Japanese Flower Arrangement

Taught by Ohara master Sushila Mathew in Houston, Texas

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About Sushila Mathew

Sushila Mathew achieved the highest degree of the Ohara School of Ikebana in 2016: First Degree of the Master Course, granted by the fifth headmaster Hiroki Ohara. It is the love of beauty and nature that drew Sushila to Ikebana and especially to the Ohara School which she has been studying for many years. She considers Ikebana as a way of life, and as a practice bringing peace and harmony. As past president of the Ikebana International Chapter 12, and a member of the North American Ohara Teachers’ Association, she has had the opportunity to attend seminars and workshops in different parts of North America and Japan. She promotes the Ohara School by exhibiting in various art galleries in Houston, in consular residencies, and in garden clubs. Born in India, she has a masters degree in English literature and taught college for five years prior to moving to Houston with her family.

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